Otto 7
Otto Kinzel

Band members
Otto Kinzel (vocals/guitars/bass/keyboards/programming)

Guest musicians:
Marc Brennan (live drums on I am NOT Paul Avery, The stranger at Lake Berryessa, The Trophy (Paul Stine), Modesto Terror Ride, & Epilogue. Additional guitar FX and ambience on Epilogue)
Danny Barkman (keyboards and synth on I am NOT paul Avery)
Bob Dwyer (lead guitar on Modesto Terror Ride; additional guitar on Epilogue)

We Are All Doomed: The Zodiac Killer (2011)

A veteran of the New England music scene for over a decade, Otto Kinzel has recorded and toured nonstop with several Industrial and Metal bands from the region. Not only is he an experienced guitar player, but also has worked as a front man and lead vocalist; a drum machine and sequencer programmer; a producer of several recordings; and the owner and operator of Bluntface Records, which serves as Otto's main forum for releasing his own music.

2011 saw the official release of Otto Kinzel debut solo album. We Are All Doomed: the Zodiac Killer is a conceptual piece inspired by the infamous Zodiac killings from the late 60's/early 70's in the Bay area, and also the subsequent letters that were sent to the San Francisco Chronicle. The album has a “cinematic” quality and outlines how one person can hold an entire city in fear.

It'll mark a return to Otto's "metal" roots. Musically the album will showcase highly technical musicianship with frequent odd-time rhythm changes, atmospheric textures and multi-layered psychopathic vocals. Influenced by bands like Strapping Young Lad, Meshuggah & Dillinger Escape Plan, and also by forward thinking artists like Frank Zappa & Mike Patton, this release is not for the timid.

The Hippo Magazine named it as "One of the Best Albums of 2011" in their year-end issue, and Bandwidth TV (Cambridge, MA) also included it their show in their 2011 “Best of 2011” list. 

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