Macabre Eternal is a take no prisoners Death/Grind outfit from central Texas with one mission: To represent true old school death/grind and do it well!

Macabre Eternal was created by Nate Gore in December of 2016. After 2 live performances, followed by Nate's near death experience and a line-up change, the band's new Death/Grind formula was solidified.

The  members are:

Nate (Guitar, Vocals, and samples)
Hector (Drums)
Avni (Bass).

Located in Fort Worth, Texas this 3 piece band has forged their old school death metal/grind core style in the vein of such classic greats as Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Carcass, Napalm Death, Mortician, etc. and contort it into their own unique and terrifying sound. Macabre Eternal's music is a bombardment of furious drum blasting twisted with thunderous, 6 string bass bludgeoning, skewered with the guitar brutality of fast and crushing rhythms, ferocious and harmonious lead attacks and toppled by other worldly, low and disturbing vocal assaults. The ability to cover multiple ranges of death/grind as well as their unforgettable grooves is what sets this band apart from the pack.

The conceptual material currently covered is based on many writing elements such as introspective/macabre poetry, horror movies, the after-life, serial killers, nuclear war, world events, vampires,  and stories never before conceived completing a wide range of mentally stimulating intrigue and this is just the beginning, there is so many more areas they will be covering.

As for the future, the universe has no limit for this imagination laden force of death/grind devotees. Expect single in the fall of 2018 and a 6 song release in early 2019 on Bluntface Records. Prepare for the onslaught to come!

Nate, Hector, Anvi

Nate, Hector, Anvi