New gigs announced! go to the Shows page to see the updated live schedual.
Also, we are moving forward with the recording of our second album, the follow up to The Pain & The Progress. Currently 7 songs are finished and ready to go off to final mixing/mastering. Lucretia X Machine from Lucretia's Daggers has recorded vocals to a few of these new songs and we're all thrilled with the collaboration. Many thanks to her for lending us her incredible voice and also her time.

Chem.D on the radio:
In the past two weeks, these stations and podcasts have added The Pain & The Progress into rotation. check out the list and see if there is a station by you! (and if so, drop them a dime and request Chemical Distance). 

WRPS (Pugent Sound, WA)
WMPG (Portland, ME...we're Top 10 in their RPM charts)
WBNY (Buffalo, NY)
Deliberate Noise Internet Radio (MI)
WMBR (Cambridge, MA)
KKUP (San Francisco, CA, thank you Don Campeau)
WICN (Central MA, thank you Nick Nobel)
Radio Orphans Internet Radio (United Kingdom)
No Pigeonholes (United Kingdom; Europe podcast)
Lord Litter Podcast (Germany).
WGIR (Local Lix, thank you Roadkill)


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