Bluntface Records welcomes Virus Cycle
Greetings from Bluntface Records. We are the new home of Boston's own Virus Cycle and Johnny Virum.

With the debut release of 2011 Post-Apocalyptic Industrial Zombie Tech album entitled Alice in Zombieland. The album has been downloaded by people all over the world via the band’s website. Since the release of Alice in Zombieland, Virus Cycle's music has been played on stations all over the world. Virus Cycle has also been interviewed by a few publications, including Grave Concerns E-Zine and Carpe Nocturne Magazine. Bluntface Records is very excited to have Virus Cycle on its roster, and the 2012 follow up releases will be produced by Otto Kinzel.

If you can't get enough Virus Cycle to hold you over, then you'll be excited to know that Johnny Virum and Otto Kinzel will also be teaming up on a side-project simply known as Kinzel v Virum. This collaboration will feature Johnny on vocals and samples, and Otto on guitars, programming and synth. We have two mixed demos already uploaded to the Bluntface website, check them out HERE

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