Otto Kinzel

A veteran of the New England music scene for almost two decades, Otto Kinzel has recorded and toured nonstop with several Industrial and Metal bands from the region. Not only is he an experienced guitar player, but also has worked as a front man and lead vocalist; a drum machine and sequencer programmer; a producer of several recordings; and was the owner and operator of Bluntface Records from 2004-2017, which originally served as Otto's main forum for releasing his own music.  

In 2017 Otto stepped down in order to focus on releasing his own material; Haniel Adhar from Markradonn became new CEO of Bluntface Records. With his role as label owner now behind him, Otto has started a new outlet to host & distribute his various solo and quasi-solo collaborative music projects. Past, present & future releases will all be available here. 


Otto Kinzel Discography

*Black Eye Susan.  Fade Away EP (2002)- Vocals/guitar/programming.

*Bluntface Records. The First Compilation (2003)- Contributing artist/producer. 

*Evil Sex Party. Promotional EP (2004)- All instrumentation/song writing.

*Wormdr1v3Five 1,000 MG Doses (2005)- Vocalist.

*Burden of Liberty. Self-titled EP (2006). Guitar.

*The Isolated Sequence. 5 Song Promotional EP (2008). Guitar; electronics.

*Chemical Distance. The Pain & The Progress (2010). Guitar; producer; engineer.

*Chemical Distance. This Program is Not Responding (2011). Guitar; producer; engineer.

*Otto Kinzel. We Are All Doomed: The Zodiac Killer (2012). Primary songwriter; instrumentation/vocals.

*Virus Cycle. Zombiechrist (2012)- Producer; Engineer.

*Virus Cycle. Tetalogy of Horror: Act 1. Bass; producer/engineer.

*Kinzel v Virum. Self-titled (2013). Guitar/bass/programming.

*Bluntface Records. Get Turned On; Sounds from the Underground (2013)- Producer; contributing artist.

*Fiends of a New Republic. Queen Wicked (2014). Guitar;
programming; producer; engineer.

*Bluntface Records. Operation: Underground (2015). Producer; contributing artist.

*Bluntface Records. 27 Tons of Metal New England (2016). Producer; contributing artist.

*Skin Drone. Evocation (2016). Guitar; bass; programming; producer; engineer.

*Evil Sex Party. ESP (2017). Composer; producer.

 *Sexual Misfortunes-Official Film Score & Soundtrack (2017). Composer; performer. 


Film Credits

*American Backwoods (Soundtrack contributor).

*Chainsaw Maidens from Hell (Soundtrack contributor).

*Sickle (Soundtrack contributor)

*Cosplay Nation (Soundtrack contributor).

*What's the Problem with Bill Winer? (Musical score).

Sexual Misfortunes (musical score).